Travel by Drone


Travel by Drone is a really great website is primarily designed for drone pilots to share their footage with each other, but an awesome side-effect of this sharing is that it enables people who are unable to go out to see parts of the world they would otherwise be unable to see. People like me in fact, somebody who’s quadriplegic and would ordinarily never be able to see this beautiful fjords in Norway!

This is another brilliant example of a piece of technology not designed with disabled people in mind, but that can be repurposed to enable disabled people to do something to extend their capabilities. The people who designed the Parrot AR Drones are another great example of this. Because they allowed people to write their own interfaces using JavaScript, it enabled people like Professor Chad Jenkins to create a web interface allowing me to fly a parrot drone from my wheelchair over 3000 miles away from the drone itself! (it’s as awesome as it sounds!)

If you’re reading this and your writing piece of software, try and leave the door open a crack for people to adapt your software in ways you might not have thought of yourself. You never know what innovative solutions people might come up with, who knows what they might create?

drones, telepresence, flying, and video

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