Henry Evans and Robots for Humanity

Stuart Turner

Robots and Cake are an affiliated project with Robots for Humanity, we have the same outlook and objectives and believe that robots can and should be used to help people with disabilities leave a more independent life.

Robots for Humanity is a project that aims to use technology and specifically robots to expand human ability through the use of cutting-edge robots.

Henry Evans was the inspiration and instigator for the project, Henry suffered a stroke-type attack at aged 40 and is now quadriplegic and mute. Not to be deterred by this, Henry has been using robots in his daily life to interact with the world around him. From a small laser pointer mounted on his glasses to control his computer, to a very expensive robot called the PR2 to scratch his face and have a shave!

You definitely need to go and check out Robots for Humanity site to keep up with Henry’s journey!

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