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I gave a TEDx talk in June 2014 at the TEDxYouth@Hillsborough event and the video is now available on YouTube. I opened my inbox this morning and received this lovely message from one of the young organisers:

“Hi Stuart, After way too much delay, your video is online at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=egTaTnNDVZ0. We’re so sorry about the delay and poor quality of videography–we made a lot of mistakes last year, and have learned a lot since then. Thank you so much for your participation in TEDxYouth@Hillsborough–you’ve helped found an event that will hopefully last for many years into the future, and we’ll never forget your initial support. I hope you’re doing well and that your universe is ever expanding :).

Thanks, Matthew”

Thanks Matthew, really enjoyed giving my first presentation at your event!

n.b. For various reasons the final slide of the talk uses the name r4h-europe.org which was going to be the original name of the project.

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