I Gave a TEDx Talk!

Stuart Turner
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Last night I gave a TEDx Talk to the Nueva Upper School In California, they asked me to speak on the topic of adversity but I ended up talking about robots for half the talk! I spoke about how I’ve been using the Beam Telepresence robot to visit museums around the world, and also the work I’ve been doing with Professor Chad Jenkins at Brown University flying the Parrot AR Drone. I’ve been flying these drones from 3000 miles away, using a web interface, mind minimal head movements and my right index finger! Very awesome :-)

It was the very first time I’ve done any public speaking1, which definitely made my anxiety levels go through the roof in the lead up to the talk. But I’m very glad I did it as the people involved were wonderful, and the talk seemed to go over quite well. They laughed at the jokes and clapped at the end, there is it really much else you can expect from a talk!My talk isn’t going to be available for a few months yet as I assume they need to package up of the talks from the different speakers, before they upload it to the TED mothership.

But stay tuned for an update!


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