Inspiring Minds in Mexico

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I was just sorting out the Robots and Cake YouTube Channel (subscribe here) and it occurred to me that I hadn’t posted anything about the British Council Inspiring Minds conference in Mexico. The forum was part of CONACYT, Mexico’s National Science and Technology Week. Here’s the blurb they sent us:

The week is the largest science and tech event in the country, with an approximate of 70 exhibitors, a sample of the best museums and science centres in Mexico. Across the country 4 million people attend the various activities held and the main activities are usually in Mexico City. The week also includes a recreational pavilion on science programs and a technological innovation pavilion and appearances by members of the UK Guest of Honour delegation will be central to NWST this year.

All very cool! We did a great presentation with videos and telepresence and I’ve embedded those below. you can see my expert drone flying in the last (many crashes)!

We’re improving our YouTube Channel with playlists and resources on drone development and disability tech innovation, so watch out for more.

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