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Stuart Turner and Henry Evans have both been mentioned in this paper which was published in the IEEE Robotics and Automation Magazine. The paper talks about the ROS, which is an operating system which aims to be able to control a variety of different robots. From the large PR2 robot, to the small consumer grade QuadRotors like the Parrot AR Drone.

Unfortunately the complete paper is going to be behind a paywall for at least six months, but here’s the abstract from the paper just to whet your appetite:

The most compelling use of personal robots is to provide assistance for people with disabilities. For example, many quadriplegics can now move about and interact with the world outside their bodies using telerobotics. Over the past few years, the Robots for Humanity project has experimented with telerobotics, using robots ranging from the powerful PR2 from Willow Garage to relatively simple remote presence devices, such as the Beam by Suitable Technologies, to flying quadrotor robots. Robotics often has a negative connotation because of how robots are portrayed in Hollywood, but Robots for Humanity highlights significant positive uses for the technology. Rather than the robot apocalypse of The Terminator, this positive vision is closer to the experience of the disabled veteran in Avatar or the benign helpfulness of R2D2 and C3PO in the Star Wars franchise.

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